Powerful Localized Message

Auto advertising helps your brand break through interruption media with localized brand messages. This gives advertisers the opportunity to engage with their target audience at a local and personal level. Localized brand messages create a significant impact and are easily recalled. Reach consumers with powerful ads close to the point of purchase.

Cost Effective Campaign

Auto ads are more cost effective than other large format ads. Receive multiple auto ads for the cost of one billboard. There is no premium for targeting key areas of town or advertising during prime hours. Auto ads run 14 hours a day, 6 days a week with no additional charges for high impact areas.

Intent-To-Buy Influence

The more recently and the more often consumers see your brand message, the more likely they are to purchase. As the customer approaches a point of purchase, the last message into the mind of a customer, matters heavily. While brands accumulate preference and some loyalty, factors that build “intent to buy” are fleeting. Frequency is the best reminder.


Full Wrap Branding

MUNCHYMEDIA provides unmatched opportunities to advertisement seekers looking to make a striking and unmissable statement. Auto Rickshaw provide a huge scope of diversely creative and large format opportunities visible to thousands of eyes every day. With the aid of highly creative, colorful and illustrative design formats with in-depth detail covering every aspect of your advertisement requirement, Advertisers get the new innovative ways to attract and build presence in the market. Starting from full wrap coverage with variedly illustrious stickers, wrapping the sides or rear section with informative content to smaller and minimal format opportunities, Autos have great opportunities of noticeable exploits to be worked on.



VNYL Branding

VNYL Branding a cost effective, flexible and controlled method of transit advertisement. Advertising on Auto is an extremely catchy, high impact and targeted way of advertising any brand, product or service with a high recall rate which has a huge advantage over static forms of advertisement. We offers advertising space on Autos which turns to be a game changer as dynamic advertisements on vehicles are mobile and they continuously drive with the audience till the message is fully absorbed.


What to expect with MunchyMedia


Auto advertising yields 250K to 350K impressions per week. Consumers see Auto ads during regular commutes and other outings around town. This type of brand awareness helps consumer gain more familiarity with your brand and move closer to a point of purchase.


Calculating ROI the traditional way is not practical for marketing and advertising campaigns. When calculating ROI for your campaign, consider what you want to achieve. Is it increased awareness, web traffic or sales? It is also important to know that campaigns often yield delayed conversions. Results can occur at the start of the campaign or even after the campaign is completed.

Top of Mind Awareness

The goal of branding is to build Top of Mind Awareness. Over time, 250K to 350K impressions per week ensure your brand is first in consumer minds when thinking of your service in their market.

Creative Warranty

Auto Advertising, Inc. provides a creative warranty on all advertisements. During this period our team will make any adjustments, corrections or fixes to the ad as long as it falls within warranty.

Ad Update

As mentioned above, ads are under warranty. We recommend re-wrapping your ad after few months to ensure your ad remains crisp and vibrant. Since the ad will be re-wrapped, we advise customers also update their ad message during this time to prevent ad blindness and revitalize engagement.

Cost Effective Campaign

Auto ads are more cost effective than other large format ads. Receive multiple Auto ads for the cost of one billboard. Receive a large number of impressions and no premium for targeting key areas of town.


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